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Al-Qaeda’s techie terrorist nabbed in Bengaluru

Gone are the days when downtrodden Islamic youths were only recruited in Islamist terrorist organizations. They were recruited as foot soldiers to confront in streets, war fields. But now, middle class educated elites are also being recruited, IT students have become topmost priority.  This cruel fact got prominent once more when an alleged Al-Qaeda terrorist named Arif was nabbed by NIA or National Investigation Agency at Bengaluru, along with the Internal Security Division of Karnataka. According to sources. Arif is a software engineer by profession and has been in connection with the topmost brass of Al-Qaeda for last two years, at least. What did reveal his identity? He was under close watch for months, it is said, but came under security agencies’ radar only recently when he was found to telephone a good number of terrorists both in India and abroad. Despite being an original inhabitant of Uttar Pradesh, Arif visited both Turkey and Iran, as part of methodical indoctrination.  

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