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Christian cult graves unearthed in Kenya

So, what’s of now? You have been tireless to denounce Hinduism and all its principles and customs and have also often been found to use the term brutal while accusing Hindus. Nevertheless, in many parts of the world people have started to absorb the underlying finesse and basic democracy of the Dharma and hence, the move to revert to Hinduism is gaining momentum. Now, in Kenya scores of Christian cult graves have been unearthed and in one those the Kenyan Police is credited to disinter 47 corpses of people belonging to a Christian cult who have faith in the notion that they would attain heaven only if they starve themselves to death.  And this is no lone incident. Earlier this month police did rescue 15 members of the same group of worshippers at the Good News International Church who were also starving themselves to attain heaven. Four of them were brought dead to the hospital. Would the liberals care to denounce this practice now?

To know more, please go through the report of “Bharat Voice”,

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