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Definitely, Hyderabad was Bhagyanagar

There are ample records to prove how recurrent Islamic invasions followed by rampant Hindu persecutions have altered the Indian history and led to devastations. Apart from defiling and destructing lofty Hindu temples, names of several cities had also been changed to satisfy Islamist aspirations. The change of Bhagyanagar’s name to Hyderabad is one of those. Ancient records available still do portray that the ancient name of this great urban center had been Bhagyanagar, changed to Hyderabad only during the Qutub Shahi regime. To understand this rapid transformation you may refer to the ancient records like ‘Early Travels in India’ written by Mr. William Finch, merchant of the East India Company, during 1608 – 1611. You may also refer to “The antiquates of Bidar” by Dr. Ghulam Yazdani, Nizam’s official journal “Islamic Culture” (1934 and 1943 editions) containing English translations of letters written to Mughal Emperors like Shahjahan and Aurungzeb.  

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