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Lefts go on with ominous ploys to defame Hindus in Timmapur, Telengana

Whether it’s the Bolsheviks of yesteryears or Indian Lefts nowadays, nothing has changed ever nor there is hope of any such in near future. And the sole reason for this does remain in their nefarious designs. The state-controlled Soviet media was extremely apt in twisting news and the same is enacted by the Left media with astounding excellence these days. The recent happenings at Timmapur village of Jadevpur mandal within the Siddiept district in the Indian state of Telangana does remain its finest portrayal. While premier Left-leaning portals like The Wire and The News Minute came up with news of discriminations against Dalits in the village, the truth remains completely different. A verbal spat leading to unwarranted and unwarranted police intervention has been termed as the glaring act of caste discrimination by Lefts, leaving no stone unturned to accused alleged Brahmanical Hinduism.

Know more of the sinister acts of Lefts from the report of “Arise Bharat”,

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