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Temples subservient to State in India

Why should Hindu religious institutions come under tax purview? Why are alleged minority religious institutions exempted from taxation? These serious questions are being asked for decades but with no solution yet. And there is the no hope of any such even if the Hindu Nationalist government for almost a decade at the center. So, it’s the time to know something. Thanks to British surgery in the realm of Indian legal system, the Sanctified Deity is held as an individual and hence, a litigant and called a juristic entity. Scores of legal cases do continue to linger in the rooms of judiciary to settle disputes where the Deity becomes the victim of judicial snobbery.  It might be weird to many but instances are there when the Deity is even put in administrative cabinet by the order of highest forms of Judiciary. And all these are said since the Income Tax Department has issued a notice to Sri Ram Temple in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. In any way, temple remains subservient to state orders and that’s the relevance of Dharma in India.     

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