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Hindu Imperialism – Dharmic Cult

Hindus have never annexed any alien land since annexation is a complete no-no in the Hindu philosophy. Perhaps there is hardly any Hindu who has not gone through these chronicles for decades. And we have never cared to find it out whether such tales are true or not. Truly speaking, violence and its apt execution has never been reprimanded in Hinduism and tens of hundreds of Shlokas are there in its favor. Down the ages, Hindu militarism has expressed its prowess and has dismantled the Islamist strongholds even. And against Islamic expeditions there have been brutal defenses as well. So, neither Hindus are fainthearted nor they’re indisposed to struggle. Altogether, there had been 21 expeditions or military naval raids on alien lands and one of those was surely the spectacular offences of Hindu Pratihara Empire against the Islamic Abbasid Caliphate. More are there in this report of “Bharat Voice”

Log in: https://bharatvoice.in/history/bharats-military-strikes-in-iraq-iran-and-arabia-816-820-ce-the-untold-story-of-pratihara-nagabhata-iis-military-expeditions-abroad.html

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