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Is it a crime to be Hindu in the United Kingdom?

This is certainly not the first time when a Hindu students has been harassed in the realm of England and what’s most shocking, such instances are increasing by leaps and bounds. Karan Kataria is one of those to feel brunt of the situation but it’s good that he has come forward finally to express his anguishes and also voice his protest, unlike others. What’s more, Karan has also been falsely implicated for being linked to a Hindu extremist group though there is hardly any evidence to this yet. Is this the end? No. it’s just the beginning only. The young student has also been accused of coercing students to vote for him. And since this is a criminal offense in the realm of United Kingdom, he is being hounded at the moment. What can be concluded then? At the moment, the entire united kingdom is in the grasp of a deep-seated Hinduphobia and with each day it passes, the surrounding atmosphere is getting intolerable more and more. We must not forget, bullying Hindu students in England and extreme pressures on them to convert to Islam is gaining stronger ground.

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