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Hindus and their unrestrained imperialist conquests

There is a courteous idea that Hindus are pacifists by nature and hence, they had despised any onslaughts on others, not to speak of foreign lands, in the ancient past even. Is this true or extremely concocted? Is Dharma an anathema to imperialism? This has been going for centuries to impair Hindu moral fiber but no more. Contrary to the beliefs of many, Hindus happened to be brilliant aggressors and imperialists also in the past. Wars and conquests had been a part of daily life and also court proceedings. The best manifestation of this are recorded with the conquest of Palestine by Chakravarti Jaya, the victory over Persia and Transoxiana by Chandragupta Vikramaditya, the defeat of the Rashidun Caliphate by Chalukya Pulakeshin II in Al Faw (Iraq); the raids on Arabia, Iraq, Iran by Pratihara Nagabhata, the Pallava and Chola conquests in South East Asia, the counter-offensive in Turkestan by Paramaras, the conquest of Yunnan and Han China by Mauryas and Gahadavalas and several other unheard of conquests and expeditions. And the legacy never ended; it did continue in the mediaeval era also through Shivaji and host of others.

All such startling facts are compiled in the book named “Bharat’s Military Conquests in Foreign Lands” penned by Shri Venkatesh Rangan. The book has been published by Subbu Publications and contain forewords by celebrated intellect Sri Anand Ranganathan and the erudite Vice Admiral A R Karve. The book was released on May 17th, the Founders’ Day of the Maritime History Society, as part of an academic initiative of the Western Naval Command of the Indian Navy at Navy Nagar, Mumbai.

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