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Prodigious Parashurama

It’s an unique, captivating story of an individual and his metamorphosis. And not related to any mundane individual but to someone who would make both the contemporary world and humanity proud of him. He is no mere saintly figure but regarded as Acharya/Shastra Acharya or the Greatest teacher in weaponry.  He is none than Parashurama or the sixth Avatar of Vishnu. He happens to be the youngest son of Saptarishi Jamadagni and known as Ramabhadra initially. And Ramabhadra is indeed burdened with an extraordinary prediction. Not only is he the gifted son of widely venerated Rishi and his wife but he is also being trained as well to fulfill his own destiny.  Nevertheless, path to divinity is extremely painful and also grueling. Whenever his Guru as well as his biological father was snatched from him, Ramabhadra opted for vengeance. We must end here lest rest of the story would get known here. You must read “Rama of the Axe”, written by Ranjith Radhakrishnan.

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