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How should India react to escalating woke culture?

Has woke culture become an integral part of civil society in India? Well, answers to this question and chances do also vary nut it must be stated without doubt that lots of renowned Multi-national Companies and also NGOs are leaving no stone unturned to make this notion penetrate among youth. The prelude to this took place at Hyderabad of late where MNCs along with UK Consulates and NGOs were found endeavoring lots to push “woke culture” among the youth and the LGBTQ-banner is use for a fast, smooth passage. Only in the month of June, 2023 Supriyo Chakraborty, the guy who petitioned to the Supreme Court to make gay marriages legal, was invited by leading MNCs like P&G, Factset and Amazon to have an interactive session with their employees. These sessions are being used as a threshold to infuse woke culture in the Indian context.

To know more, go through the report of “Arise Bharat”,

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