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Hindus in Pune react strongly against modes to disgrace Dharma in DY Patil High School

Whenever Hindus do rise to the occasion and retaliate finally against injustices inflicted on them, it’s termed as minority persecution by detractors, Lefts and Islamists in particular. This is no new but an old game perpetrated by these two noted brands of treaonists, enemies seems to be a better word, for ages. The same has happened when local Hindu organizations along with local Hindus inhabiting the Ambi region of Pune, Maharashtra reacted against the school management of DY Patil High School. And as a result Alexander Coates Reid or its Principal along with a few Christian teachers has been removed from their positions. What led to the outrage?  They were charged for molestation, religious conversions and also demeaning Hindu Dharma. What’s more, CCTV cameras were installed in the girls’ washroom for students of Class 8 and above without any prior notice to the school management or the parents.

Know more of this exclusive and strong Hindu reaction from the report of “OpIndia”,

Log-in: https://www.opindia.com/2023/07/pune-high-school-principal-suspended-after-he-installed-cctv-cameras-in-girls-washrooms/

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