Is Talibanization going on in Bengal?

It’s the turn of Bengal right now where the Hijab-saffron scarf of Karnataka has surfaced. Here, it’s Burqa vs Namabali and all these happened in an educational institution named Dhulagori Adarsha Vidyalaya in Howrah district. And the area has been a seat of communal tensions for a few years without fail. The problem started when Hindu students protested initially against wearing burqa and hijab by the Muslim girls of the educational institution instead of specific school dress but with no effect. As a mark of protest, Hindu students attended the school clad in Namabali ((hand-crafted sacred cloth containing Sri Krishna’s name).  And it proved to be enough to ignite the controversy between students. The crisis initiated on November 22 Hindu students clad in Namabali were not allowed to enter the school’s examination hall. But nothing was found to prevent the Muslim girls in their attire of burqa and hijab from reaching the same venue. Being asked by Hindu students of this strange discrimination, the school authority preferred to retain silence. But the Hindu students burst into protest jeopardizing the examination procedure. To refrain from any untoward development, the school has been closed from November 23 and it would open after having a thorough discussion with the local administration. The situation is tense yet, indeed.

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