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“The Guardian” blames Hindus for Leicester violence!

If you haven’t come across any Leftist daily till date, reading “The Guardian” is a duty. Known for it leftist leanings for long, grave distortion of truth remains the latest entrance to its list of accolades. And this stunning reality has come to the fore only after the prestigious daily was found in its editorial to castigate Hindus inhabiting the United Kingdom for the Leicester riots of late. It’s known to all,

Leicester is a city and county town of Leicestershire, in the East Midlands of England where the Hindu and Muslim population is almost equal. Following India’s T-20 cricket win over Pakistan on August 28, the ethnic violence erupted and though it’s known to all that Islamists were solely responsible to trigger riots. “The Guardian” seems to look at the other way. One of the finest specimens of Left Liberalism, “The Guardian” is admonished often for its strange bias against the Hindus. It preferred to remain indifferent when the Hindu temple was desecrated and burnt to ashes by a violent Islamic mob. To know more, go through the report of “The Commune” with penetrating insight.



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