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Islamic terrorist outfit claims Mangaluru blast responsibility

What had been the worst apprehension is a brutal reality now.  An Islamic organization, relatively unknown to the police and administration yet, named Islamic Resistance Council (IRC) has claimed responsibility for the auto-rickshaw blast at Mangaluru, Karnataka on November 19 recently. The communication from IRC states further that the entire development was the fallout of Muhammad Shariq’s, one of its ‘Mujahid’ brothers, maneuver to explode a ‘Hinduva’ temple in Kadri.   

“We, the Islamic Resistance Council (IRC), would like to convey this message: One of our Mujahid brother Mohammed Shariq attempted to attack the Hindutva Temple in Kadri (in Dakshina Kannada district), a bastion of the Saffron terrorists in Mangaluru,” said the message, which went viral on social media. The entire state of Karnataka, it’s needless to say, is on high alert.

If you are desirous to know more, kindly go through the report published by “OpIndia”.

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