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Islamist bullies Hindu girl as part of Love Jihad in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh

Each and every Love Jihad is nothing but the brightest manifestation of dauntless Islamists who are confident of the fact that Indian Penal Code is too futile to them even after abducting Hindu girls and doing anything with them, ranging from eve-teasing, molestation to rape and murder. Such an act of defiance has been found in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The Hindu girl has also been raped repeatedly by a gang of men led by an individual named Aman Khan living in Hata locality. She went on missing from July 1 but due to police efforts was recovered on July 4. Aman was arrested on July 8 and presented to the court. As per the girl, she was abducted forcefully and sold off to a brothel in Assam. Aman had been tracking her, asked her to convert to Islam and when she refused, the girl was raped viciously and sold, then. And as always begins, Aman Khan feigned to be a Hindu youth to trap her. He stated in clear terms as Muslims do not hesitate to cut cows into pieces, she would have the same fate unless converted to Islam.

Have the detailed report of “Organiser” on this,

Log-in: https://organiser.org/2023/07/10/182977/bharat/aman-khan-threatens-hindu-girl-before-abductingi-am-muslim-we-dont-hesitate-in-cutting-cows-so-can-cut-you-as-well/

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