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It’s Sex Jihad, no Love Jihad

It would be utterly wrong if ‘Love Jihad” is used to classify this ghastly murder, it’s no more other than a ‘Sex Jihad”. The term may surprise many but undoubtedly those ‘many’ are naïve and yet to get au fait with the nefarious design perpetrated against Hindus, their womenfolk in particular. At times, there have been uproars of assorted incidents as regards ‘Love Jihad’ across the nation but this simple incident where the Hindu girl, after living under a false charm of love and also unspeakable tortures for years, was strangulated finally and chopped off into 35 pieces, kept in a pricey refrigerator for months. What led the charming affair to this dead end?  It has been stated by mainstream media, after months of staying together Shraddha, the hapless Hindu girl, increased pressure on Aftab or the Islamist assailant to get married. And Aftab, after gratifying his carnal desires to the full, was desperate to get rid of Shraddha and finally, on May 18 this year she was strangulated, chopped off and when Shraddha’s body parts remained in the refrigerator, Aftab led a simple life engaged in disposing hither and thither in Delhi. To know more, you can surely follow the sensational story of “Bharat Voice” but whether there would be any justice and also would this be cautionary to Hindu women remains to be seen.

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