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It’s of entire India, not merely a Kerala Story

If truth be told, only at extraordinary moments of life emotions, passion, honesty and hard work culminate to form a history. Not in daily life or political affairs only, the global world of celluloid even has remained witness to such scarce moments. And “The Kerala Story” is its brightest expression at the moment. It’s a production of truth backed by researches, hard work and finest commitment of the entire cast and crew to make people acquainted with some shocking revelations. The sole purpose is neither to entertain nor to shock but to make the people realize of the horrific reality going on unabated in the Indian state of Kerala. Is it in Kerala only? The sinister design to convert Hindu girls and women to a terrorist school of thought is present throughout India and with each day it passes, the plot is getting more audacious. \

Sm. Adah Sharma, key actress in the film brings forth her own realization without a qualm in an interview to “Bharat Verse”………..Log-in:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efcw5bHlZCo

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