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Hail Dalit Freedom Fighters of Indian Independence Struggle

Neither patriotism nor valiance or even martyrdom can be questioned ever. Unfortunately, such a noble vision falls through in the Indian history always and it can be found best in the history curriculum. Untold name of heroes and martyrs are witnessed but what binds them all is their social position. Almost 90%, if not more do belong to higher castes and certainly this is no crime. But an inquisitive mind can’t restrain itself from asking what’s of others. Hadn’t people belonging to the lower strata of society responded to the call of patriotism? Did they ever sacrifice themselves to free the motherland from British Imperialism? For decades, it has been asked but with no favorable answer. Now, here is something new for all those inquisitive readers. There was never any dearth of Dalit patriots and the majority of them did sacrifice their lives in vigorous struggles against British brutality, 1857 or the Frist War of Independence in particular. Hence, they do become truest freedom fighters.

A comprehensive report on Dailt freedom fighters like Matadin Valmiki, Jhalkaribai, Banke Chamar, Vira Pasi and others have been brought forth by “Bharat Verse”. Go through and be blessed.

Log-in: https://bharatvoice.in/history/dalit-contribution-to-the-first-war-of-independence.html   


Pic: Jhalkaribai (Dalit warrior from the Koli caste of Maharashtra; trusted companion of Rani Laxmibai, Jhansi)

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