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Let the truth on Dr. Pradeep Kurulkar’s alleged misdeeds come out

It’s the reign of wild speculations now as regards Dr. Pradeep Kurulkar. Without doubt, it’s hard to believe how such a reputed, high-ranking DRDO official can be involved in such a ghastly crime or an act of treason. Whether he has been duped by any honey trap effectuated by Pakistan’s ISI or this is just the tip of an iceberg or a greater conspiracy to assail India’s sovereignty is a matter of thorough investigation and as has been learnt, the Maharashtra ATS has proceeded further already. Would it be handed over to the NIA?  It’s not known yet. And certainly, it is yet to be known as well how such an exalted official and with such an awe-inspiring profile can be duped so easily. Meanwhile, the security crisis has led to political squabbles too with the NCP, followed by Congress (I) have jumped into the frame castigating Dr. Kurulkar who is in dire straits as a loyal of RSS or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and as per their allegations, this relation is quite old and of 4 generations. Amid such a cacophony how the investigation would remain unflustered and deliver the desired result remains to be seen.

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