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Only Hindus can be insulted worldwide

Well, you can crack a joke on any Hindu divinity be it Krishna, Rama or Shiva, Durga or anyone else but if it’s on any identity from Abrahamic religions, a complete no-no remains the only answer.  And the gamut of Artificial Intelligence is no exception to this either! It might appear to you as strange but this is the cruel reality. OpenAI of Elon Musk has been made to do the same recently. There, if a request to crack a joke Krishna or any other Hindu deity is asked, you can have the answer. But if it’s on Muhammad or Jesus Christ, the answer remains negative and if it’s on Allah, several advices terming the same as profanation is found. So, is the newest technology of AI too parochial? Or is this to insult Hindus only.

Learn more on this from the report of “Janpeace Live”:


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