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Terrorist invited to deliver lecture!

What can be termed as both deplorable and derisory has taken place in the public spectrum and with the brutal formulation of audacity.  Asian College of Journalism or ACJ, based in the Tamilnadu capital of Chennai and reputed as one of the finest institutions in the gamut of media studies across India has invited A. G. Perarivalan. Now who is this man? Is he a holy man or reverend? Or whether any famed industrialist? He is no such but a terrorist, convicted in the assassination project of ex-PM of India, Sri Rajiv Gandhi. And entire India yet can hardly forget that roughshod episode. How can he be invited then to ASJ to deliver a lecture?  This is the single question that has created furor in the social media circle and if sources are depended upon, the protestation is not limited to the shores of India but in the overseas as well. The lecture titled “The denial of justice and a quest unfinished” is all set to occur at MS Subulakshmi auditorium in the college campus on December 17, 2022.

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