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Profound changes are visible

Lefts are in a huff these days; time is changing fast and they are being supplanted by a horde of newcomers, ardent nationalists who are with groundbreaking finesse. What was expected for long is taking place right now. National academia is no more the choicest fief of homegrown Marxists, their audacity coupled with handsome earning is on the wane. Gone are the days like the 70s, 80s when their one word seemed to be enough to stall the entire administration and thus, they were in a mode to finish the incomplete tasks of their political bosses reveling either in Karachi or Lahore. Not only the antediluvian, revered nationalist historians, their hallowed memory and finest creations are being restored but newer avenues are being opened also to analyze the Indian History. And as the first step towards it, names of places or institutions or anything else under the sun are being changed and the hidden history of it is being unearthed with a stunning competence.       

You will know more, once the entire report prepared by ‘Amit Agarwal’ and ‘Bharat Voice’ is read with a strong intent and attention.


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