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Tamil harangue against Hindi steps up

The anti-Hindi tirade in South India, in particular Tamil Nadu in the 1960s is no more limited to any verbal spat but has exceeded it highly by now. Unfortunately, though both are in the same Union of India, the relation between the two is getting bitterer with each day it passes and undoubtedly, it’s an one-sided provocation yet. Tamil leadership seems to be an all-time high in its harangue against the Hindi-speaking people, castigating them in all possible terms and might be it gets worse, if all these go unchecked. To retain the stability and also security there is the need of resilience. Hindi-speaking laborers are moving out of the state for lack of security. Hope Tamil or Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam leadership, in particular realizes.   

Learn in detail from the report of ‘The Commune’..

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