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‘Kantara’ has taken India by storm

Kantara (or mystical dense forest as found in Sanskrit) movie has already become a cult owing to its breathtaking presentation and excellence in each and every spirit. Though the movie is set in Kannada language, it has already taken the entire India through its dubbed versions in Malayalam and Hindi by storm and indeed has created riddles for the alleged progressives, Lefts in particular. The film is set in the time period between 1847 and 1990 where the ancient beliefs of Hindus has surfaced once more, rendering the succinct reality of ancient beliefs with poise and audacity. Never before the Leftist dogma in the discipline of celluloid across India was countered so deeply and ‘Kantara’ has already been termed as Hindu India’s fierce response to the alien preponderance. To know more of the existing reality, one needs to go through the keen insight of the video discussion brought by “Politically Perfect” in the public domain.

Please go through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-Ai6EA-DYA

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