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Say ‘No’ to Sexual Perversions

It’s known to all that malicious intent debauches social fabric. What shall happen if it goes unchecked? Any lack of restraint would degenerate more until it reaches the bottom and by then, not only the social principles are lost forever but also the ageless, hallowed relations get damaged to an unbelievable scale. And all these, precisely sexual perversions are reigning supremely both in Bollywood and OTT platform and also in social media, shamelessness and debauchery are the key words. What’s the effect? The entire nation that came to the street almost a decade back in Nirbhaya case to protest against horrors of assaults on women, is witnessing a stupendous ascension of rapes and murderous assaults on women. Celebrated author Sri Uday Mahurkar has launched a struggle to bring all these to an end. You should join the brigade as well. Never forget, this porn culture affront our aeonian civilization’s ethics at every corner.

To know more, go through the video report of “The New Indian” with rapt attention.

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