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– Ratnottama Sengupta 


I gifted myself a

Sunday morning


When I opened my eyes

The sun was racing

To get a hold

Of the sky.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

I hold up that sky

For my world.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday,

I outrun the sun.

I outshine the lamp,

I stay up

Half the night,

There’s a story to send.

I wake up and jump

To my feet,

There’s tiffin to be made,

A wedding — or a funeral

To attend;

Dents on the car

Clogged drains

Flickering lights

CESC, KMC, TataSky*,

Landline, WiFi

Bills to be paid,

Fines to be avoided…

Today I will give a miss

To all that.

Today I will not answer calls,

Today I will not be

At any seminar.

Today I will stay in bed

And look out of the window

Today I will gift the sun

The whole run

Of the sky.

*CESC: Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation

KMC: Kolkata Municipal Council

TataSky:  An Indian direct broadcast satellite service provider

Ratnottama Sengupta, formerly Arts Editor of The Times of India, teaches mass communication and film appreciation, curates film festivals and art exhibitions, and translates and write books. She has been a member of CBFC, served on the National Film Awards jury and has herself won a National Award. 


(Published in “Borderless Journal” already)

Pic: Courtesy Pixabay

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