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Tamil Nadu amid security threat through illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators

The menace is not limited to the states in the eastern part of India only and has extended to the South Indian states as well. We’re talking of reckless, illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration and now not only West Bengal and Assam but Tamil Nadu is bearing its brunt also. And hence, to tackle the raging issue the Tamil Nadu police has issued a security alert. What’s most striking, illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators are found with Indian governmental documents like passport, Aadhar cards and all have made the situation more precarious than can be believed even.  And through all these infiltrators are trying to portray themselves as authentic inhabitants or Indian citizens inhabiting West Bengal. But the question remains how all these can be procured so easily. While a few of them are trying to move abroad using these documents, the majority prefers to live in India to carry out nefarious activities of each type. Though recurrent police investigations have ascertained all these as fake finally, no doubt it’s an intense security threat to both Tamil Nadu as well as, the entire country of India.

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