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Beware of making Muslim boyfriends or else…..

It’s indeed strange to state and also to read but this is a brutal truth that hundreds of similar reports hitting news headlines often fail to make Hindu women conscious. They fail to think even what could be the consequences of a love affair with a Muslim guy and the saga goes on. Imtiyaz Chaudhary, a Muslim youth of 22 and his Hindu girlfriend do portray the same story once again.

Imtiyaz has been arrested of late for assaulting and raping her Hindu ex-girlfriend. According to reports, their love affair commenced on 2021 and went on through extreme intimacies and physical relations. But in spite of all these, Imtiyaz refused to marry her citing differences of faith. Once it was stated, his girlfriend decided to put an end to all and refused to accept his phone calls and messages even. This utter ignorance incensed Imtiyaz and so, he called the lady to meet him at Kashimira Lodge on Mira Road, Mumbai. And also threatened, in any case she failed to turn up on January 29, personal photographs and also videos would be made public. On the fateful day, the anonymous lady visited the lodge to turn into an easy prey of his detestation, ranging from physical assaults to rape and also to lick his spits on the floor.    Imtiyaz has finally been arrested under serious charges. But….Do you think that such love account would end with this?

Read the report of “OpIndia” to learn more.

Log-in: https://www.opindia.com/2023/02/maharashtra-angry-breakup-imtiyaz-chaudhary-rapes-ex-girlfriend/

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