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Why is Suresh Chavhanke, Sudarshan News bête noire to judiciary?

You might be strong in your room but not in the streets and surely, the best specimen of this stunning reality is the nationwide Hindu Nationalist movement at the moment.  And the strange case of Suresh Chavhanke expresses its helplessness altogether. According to several reports, the Supreme Court is overburdened with 60, 000 pending cases but has managed to spend a full day with two cases targeting Suresh Chavhanke in two special benches. And he has also been branded as a ‘serial offender’ of ‘hate speech’ demanding severe action along with arrest. While the Supreme Court has been witnessed recurrently to protect the notion of free speech as a fundamental right and thus, provide brawny shield to serial offenders of Hinduism every now and then, national judiciary is on a vindictive mode against Suresh Chavankhe and certainly Sudarshan News. Why so?

To know the inside story, look into the exclusive report of “Bharat Voice”.

Log in: https://bharatvoice.in/opinion/abuse-of-judicial-process-to-oppress-free-press-witch-hunt-suresh-chavhanke-sudarshan-news.html

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