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Adopt fast remedial measures to save Manipur

The northeastern state of Manipur continues to burn and the fragile demographic context coupled with burgeoning, heinous ethnic clashes is pushing the entire region to a point of no return almost and that happens to be the biggest challenge to the Indian democracy in the consecutive year of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”. And hence, the clash has become the cornerstone of India bashing too across the globe. Now, it’s useless to determine who or how the collision steered but the urgent need is to bring all these nonsense to an early end. What’s striking, the definite measures which should have been taken long back to quell the disaster is yet to embark on and the Government of India, contrary to expectation, is perceived to be unreasonably sluggish. Unless apposite measures are adopted before long, the raging fire would continue to inflame all and might extend to other parts of the neighborhood. The entire State structure must act now.    

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