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Westland Books announces the Release of ‘Rama of the Axe’ by Ranjith Radhakrishnan

~ Rama of the Axe is an attempt to convey Parashurama’s magnificence in words for the modern reader ~

Releasing on May 22

28 April 2023, National: Westland Books has announced ‘Rama of the Axe’, a book by talented debut writer Ranjith Radhakrishnan. The book is the author’s attempt to convey Parashurama’s magnificence in words for the modern reader. It is an insight into the great sage’s mind and heart, his trials and triumphs, and the incredible weapon he created.

Ranjith Radhakrishnan said, ‘Parashurama is a fascinating avatar, and there is more to his story than meets the eye. He is the only avatar to meet other subsequent avatars. He is an immortal—a Chiranjeevi, and a future Saptarishi—the seven great rishis who protect and teach Dharma. Parashurama (named as Jamadagneya, the son of Jamadagni) has a hymn credited to him in the Rig Veda corpus. For someone so versatile, who spans the worlds of Veda and Tantra, whose story connects the four corners of Bharata, we unfortunately know of him only as the angry sixth avatar of Mahavishnu.’

The book will be formally launched by actor Kichcha Sudeep in Bangalore on a yet to be decided date. The actor said, ‘Ranjith Radhakrishnan weaves a fantastic tale, bringing so many dimensions to it. The book takes a grip on you from the start and never lets go. You feel that you are inside the story, seeing things happen around you, and it all leads up to an incredible climax.’ 

Commenting on the announcement of the book Sanghamitra Biswas, Executive Editor, Westland Books said, ‘Ranjith Radhakrishnan is a fabulous storyteller, and we are so excited to publish his audacious and fierce debut, Rama of the Axe. This retelling of the legend of Parashurama is packed with action and drama and makes for a superbly engrossing read.

About the Book

THE LEGEND OF PARASHURAMA, THE SIXTH AVATAR OF VISHNU, RETOLD IN ALL; ITS FANTASTIC DETAIL. The youngest son of Saptarishi Jamadagni, Ramabhadra has the weight of an immense prophecy on his shoulders. For not only is he the gifted son of a supremely revered rishi and his wife, he is also being quietly trained to fulfil his destiny as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. But the path to divinity is not one without trials. When his father and guru is suddenly snatched away from him, Ramabhadra knows he has to avenge his death, come what may. But before that he must master himself. A tale of revenge, love and duty Rama of the Axe is the story of Ramabhadra’s journey to becoming Parashurama.

About the author

Ranjith Radhakrishnan is a Bengaluru-based entrepreneur. He is an ex-actor, assistant director, script assistant, toll manager and ex pretty much everything else. He is father to a brat and husband to a wife who loves dogs, cats, cows, elephants, her husband and other animals, strictly in that order.

He loves grandmothers’ tales and stories from the Puranas and Itihaasas. He is a proud ‘pagan’ and ardent ‘idol’ worshipper. He drinks a lot of tea as every right-thinking person should. His first published story is ‘Shakuni: The Dice of Death’ in the anthology Unsung Valour. He also has a narrative poem ‘Tushara Swayamvara’, published in the anthology Aryaa.

This book is his first published novel. He is currently writing part two of the story.

 About Westland Books (A division of Pratilipi)

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