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ARSA – emerging threat to Hindus in India

It is indeed a predicament and now, it’s not on the western part of India but on its eastern front, in particular Bangladesh and at the behest of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), a new name in the galaxy of Islamic terrorism worldwide. The matter doesn’t end here but begins only. According to varied reports, it is no more a secret that ARSA, aided by top-notch players of global Islamic terrorism including Hamas and Hezbollah, is all set to establish its complete suzerainty over Coxbazar district in Bangladesh to proclaim ARSA Caliphate. And in this venture it is being supported by a section of Myanmar’s military junta even. Now, thanks to this nexus ARSA terrorists are penetrating the mainland of India in various states like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, North-east India and Kashmir to carry out terrorist activities. ARSA female terrorists have already entered India as prostitutes in hundreds of brothels.

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