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Respect Women Warriors of India

No history of freedom struggle wherever has been waged by men only, it has been shared by female warriors in unison. This has been the basic truth even from primordial years and India has never been any exception to this. Whether it’s the freedom struggle in the mediaeval era against Mughals and Pathans or against British Imperialism women warriors and revolutionaries have always rose the occasion to wrest freedom even forcibly. Unfortunately, many of those gallant warriors are not known nowadays thanks to the inhuman absence of comprehensive history, simultaneously a gracious intent to preserve history. But it’s the 75 th year of Indian Independence and in this year of Amrit Mahotsav the solemn duty is to have them by heart to inspire generations to come.

Know the women warriors and salute them. Read the extensively well written report of ‘eSamskriti’..

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