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Bengali Hindu persecutions in East Pakistan, 1971 portrayed in movie

It’s still a mystery; we are talking of the number of Hindu genocides in East Pakistan, 1971 perpetrated by the Islamist state machinery and assisted with the best professionalism of the Pakistan Army, not to speak of their local allies or Razakars. To many political and economic pundits and journalists as well, Hindus do constitute 95% of the total number of 3 million victims while the rest is yet to be ascertained. And this saga of Hindu persecution there has been going on with fullest might ever since the partition on 1947 till date. Now, the agony is being found on celluloid through the movie “Anil Bagchir Ekdin” (A Day of Anil Bagchi), directed by Morshedul Islam, based on the novel (with the same name) of Humayun Ahmed, celebrated author in Bangladesh. People, Hindus in particular, must view it with rapt attention to know the reality of Islamic terrorism. An extensive coverage of the same is found through the article of “Baarta Today”. 

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