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Nathuram Godse remains torchbearer of Hindu valor

Decades have passed by now following the phenomenon but the raging controversy regarding the Gandhi murder on January 30, 1948 and the role of Nathuram Godse in it refuses to die out. The entire episode was no instantaneous but heartfelt reaction to the fallout of a grave conspiracy to submit to Jiinah’s violent demands of a novel Islamic nation named Pakistan comprising Muslim majority areas of the Indian subcontinent. ‘Direct Action Day’ on August 16, 1946 proved to be a day of Islamist frenzy in Calcutta (now Kolkata) leading to unfathomable, widespread riots across Bengal and later to the rest of India. Both the two large states of Punjab and Bengal were bifurcated on religious grounds involving most heinous persecutions on the Hindu, Sikh inhabitants there but Gandhiji preferred to retain a weird silence. His visit to Noakhali, following the genocide of Hindus there on October, 1946, proved to be a dismal failure but he got interested in making Hindus surrender their weapons of resistance. All these enraged Hindu youths across the nation, Godse remains the brightest specimen.

To know more, please go through the brilliant interview of Shri Ashok Tyagi of “Why I killed Gandhi” on “Janpeace Live”.         

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