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Bible Mission Church members thrash SC man for asking legal questions

For long we have heard of Christian gentility and its sole mode to initiate peace among troubled human beings. But here is a difference proving how the same alleged refinement can turn into vulgarity and even to thrashing an innocent individual for raising justified, legal objections.  He or the victim is Venugopal, belonging to the Scheduled Caste Mala community and also an employee of the Andhra Pradesh Government. He happens to be a Junior Assistant at the Mandal Revenue Office in Kadapa district. His one and only fault was to question the erection of an arch and Christian symbols through impinging a public road.  The ghastly incident had taken place on November 27, 2022 close to the YSR statue at Ashok Nagar (Main) in the Chinna Chowk locale. He had observed a few people of the Bible Mission Church busy in erecting an arch by encroaching the public road on the eve of Christmas. When Venugopal protested or merely asked of construction’s legality, he was beaten black and blue by the Church members.  

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