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Savarkar – the stormy petrel

While Savarkar continues to dazzle a few, there is no end to his detractors comprising the Marxists and Islamists in particular. And likewise there has never been any end to wild allegations against him. despite his outstanding role in the national freedom struggle against British Imperialism, Savarkar has been termed as fascist, neo-Nazi, an individual who is more culpable than even Jinnah to divide between Hindu India and Muslim India and lastly, the key conspirator to the Gandhi murder in 1948. Apart from these, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar has also been farmed as the embodiment of the politics of violence. This allegation has also been shattered. Nevertheless, on each time his disparagers have been trounced but they do never know to retreat. Do his detractors know that Savarkar is credited for salutation to unsung heroes of the first Indian War of Independence in 1857? He had been the first to do it and followed by others later on. While the Muslim League and Congress compromised with the British Raj and conceded the division of India and birth of Pakistan respectively, Savarkar had been the lone voice to fight against the ploy or vivisection of motherland by capitulating to Islamist vandalism.

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