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Chitpavan Brahmin massacre 1948 remains unnoticed

Gandhi murder on January 30, 1948 was followed with genocide of thousands of unarmed civilians. Well, the civilians were not without any name or tag; they did belong to the Chitpavan Brahmin community, stationed mostly in the Indian state of Maharashtra. And a great section of them had obligation to the ideological standpoint of Hindu Mahasabha and RSS that proved to be enough to the alleged priests of non-violence to go on a rampage and genocide of innocent civilians thereafter. None knows till date the number of casualties and raped women then. While the Indian press and media were guilty to blackout the issue, it did surface in only a handful of international newspapers and was silenced soon. Nehru and his cohorts got a brilliant opportunity to castigate and curb Hindu Nationalist political intellections and activities throughout India by banning Hindu Mahasabha and RSS paving the way to introduce Hindu Code Bill and Muslim Personal Law Board in the following decades.

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