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Islam’s erroneous belief

Is Islam homogenous or heterogeneous? Is Islam impeccable or erroneous? Is Islam one or an assortment? These questions continue to prevail in the global context forever and a day but there is yet to be a single answer to all these. While Islamists continue to run riot, a few alleged and unidentified moderates among them do continue to term Islam as akin to progression, tranquility and rule of compassion. However, a close study states very clearly that Islam is nothing but a socio-economic-militarist-imperialist-political doctrine. Hence it’s on the way to gratify its own needs always. Why so? Globally, Islam moves around the sole notion of Dar-ul-Islam and is on a single mission to heighten and strengthen the Ummah.

Know more on this from the report of “The QuestionHour Bharat”.

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