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Christian home horror on innocent inmates shocks all

Even among the Hindus there is a trend to term any service related to Christians as extremely disciplined, exemplary instance of cleanliness and sanctified. Well, it might be in a fine dream but not in the physical world. So, you must grow up and check the reality. Take for example, a Christian institution named Anbu Jothi Ashram (to deceive all, especially the Hindus by the name), located at Villupuram in the Indian state of Villupuram is in headlines for all wrong reasons. The Christian institution, known to provide shelter to destitute and homeless mentally retarded people, has been found through investigations to torture hapless aged people in every possible manner. When these techniques fail to work, the Christian couple unleash two monkeys raised by them to carry on terrorizing people.  Do you recognize any benign Christianity in the entire episode? You will not even!

To have a glimpse of the Christian horror you must go through the report of “Hindu Post”.

Log-in: https://hindupost.in/featured/christian-home-of-horror-in-tn-mentally-ill-people-tortured-drugged-and-raped-by-founder-and-employees/

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