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Aryan Invasion Theory – unceasing contention

No doubt, the Aryan Invasion Theory to India, now replaced by Aryan Immigration Theory still holds water and also a preeminent posture in the world of academia, not only India but abroad also. Has there been any counter from the Indian circle? It has been but if the assaults are taken into consideration, it’s indeed futile. While there have been lots of dissensions in the Western world, Hindu intelligentsia prefers to remain silent to this and that’s catastrophe. To many it’s a political concoction but continues to retain a sway in the academia, championed by the Lefts, both erstwhile and neo-liberals, Ambedkaraites and Nehruvians.

Go through this excellent article of “Dr. Koenraad Elst” and “Hindu Voice” to know more on this.    

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