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Coaimbatore Blast terrorists to get release!!

The school of democracy was raised to do greatest good for the greatest number of people and without discriminations, reservations. Unfortunately, the sanity has throttled and has become akin to garnering money and votes. DMK Minority Affairs Minister Gingee Masthan is in the same line at the moment and this got prominent once he promised to free Islamic convicts of Coaimbatore blast languishing behind bars for last 25 years. He was talking on behalf of his party for the Erode East by-election and the constituency, as per latest figures, do enjoy no less than 40, 000 votes. Also, DMK government was presented as a pro-Muslim administrative infrastructure. If you fail to remember, Coaimbatore blast occurred February 14, 1998 claiming at least 58 dead and above 250 extremely wounded. It was a series of 12 high-intensity explosions only to annihilate LK Advani, high-profile BJP leader under the auspices of Al-Umma, an Islamist terrorist outfit and headed by SA Basha. Now, efforts are on to release these dreaded criminals!!

Know more through the report of “The Commune”.

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