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Is Democracy a disaster for Hindus in India?

For centuries Hindus across India have defied Islamist invasions and this act of defiance had not only strengthened Hindus but paved its way for Swaraj or Self-rule also. The picture was no different against the European colonizers or imperialists who left no stone unturned to turn the abode of Sanatana Dharma into a fortress of Christianity. However, ever since the national independence in 1947 the real picture is getting somewhat different. Hindus are losing the ground and the Hindu rulers of yesteryears are being supplanted by Islamists or forces backed by the Christian missionaries. How? Well, it’s through the venerated institution of democracy only. The chronicle of democracy has established notions of Universal Suffrage, Equality before Law and through these Hindu emotions, not to speak of their legitimate rights and the right to retain their own lands are facing a serious threat leading to existential crisis across India.

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