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Delisting – sole hope to retain ancient faith of Indian tribal people

Time is indeed changing and no more, the erstwhile tricks of Christian missionaries can go with success.  The crusade of converting tribal people into Christians has been going for decades, close to a century and all these have led to ruptures amongst Indian tribal people. Finally, a large section of them have come out of the deep slumber and are found to protest against privileges. What are those? To save the tribal people of India along with their innate faith of animism, influenced by Hinduism a lot from rapid urbanization and other erosions, Government of India has introduced several laws like The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 but the converted ones (who do remain Hindu on paper still) are having benefits of both, SC/ST and reservations. To add to this is the rising threat of Love Jihad. And all these have created a ceaseless confrontation between the two groups.  This has initiated a new struggle of delisting across tribal belts or to inquire whether the concerned individual still retains ancient beliefs and customs or have abandoned it already. As per tribal leaders, the government must de-list the converts from the list of Scheduled Tribes with immediate effect.

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