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No excommunication for conversion to Christianity in Andhra village

It’s indeed false or better to say, fabrication of truth with sinister designs to defame Hindus altogether. And the story is of alleged excommunication of a family for converting to Christianity; news that got viral a few days back and attracted tens of thousands of people symbolizing profound humanity. And that led to a large scale agitation of Christians. All these took place at the Devalampallepalem village of Singarayakonda Mandal, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh. But when investigations were conducted to find out the veracity, the incident turned out to be of five years old and even then in 2018, no such incident did ever occur at the same village. Contrarily, Nagaraju, who established a new church and invited Pastor Yona from outside was known to be a bad hat/troublemaker leaving no stone unturned to insult others, Hindus in particular. It was he who lodged such a nasty complaint against the villagers prior to his departure from there. However, the police investigation closed soon since none was found guilty.

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