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Fierce Islamist-tribal confrontation in Telangana over Dhwaja Stambha

This is no new development in the nationwide annals at least. There has never been any less of confrontations between Adivasis or aboriginals and if reports and sources are to be believed, it’s growing by leaps and bounds. A similar incident took place only on March 30 and in the Gummadiwali village within the Aswaraopet Mandal of Bhadari Kothagudem district in the Indian state of Telangana when the local forest ranger Bhaskar Goud alais Abdul Rahman dared to destroy the hallowed Dwaja Stambha of the Vanavasis or aboriginals. The entire tribal gathering, as part of their venerable and indigenous custom, made all preparations to place a novel Dhwaj Stambh before the Ganganama temple and on the trunk of a Neem tree. It was the day following Sri Ram Navami. But a group of forest officials led by Abdul Rahman chopped it down and also crushed the same into pieces leading to a fiery protest among tribal people. Apart from encircling the Divisional Forest Office, fervent protesters demanded justice alng with immediate transfer of Rahman. Police indeed had a tough time to calm them down along with the assurance of arranging a new tree trunk and apology of the forest ranger. It has been learnt, Abdul Rahman is a neophyte or neo convert to Islam.

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