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Hinduism – the most scientific religion known thus far

In a nutshell, a few questions have been posed to the Hindus in the movie “The Kerala Story” which has taken the entire country by storm. And this is certainly no new endeavor after all. For centuries, such questions have been asked to Hindus with a nasty intention to demean Dharma. Even in the 19th century when the British dominance was spreading like a fire across India, hordes of Christian Missionaries, not to speak of Muslims down the centuries, were also found to question the basics of Hinduism. Why are these questions asked?  Is it any philosophical inquiry? Contrary to Hindu expectations, these are nothing but fallouts of a greater imperialist conspiracy to confuse and debase Hindus and to win the land and also its people without firing a single shot. So, it’s nothing but a silent invasion that must be thwarted and if necessary, stamped out. The Hindu Trinity along with an assortment of philosophical systems make Hinduism the most scientific religion from time immemorial. Due to this single reason, India has never given in to any imperialist invasions. So Hindus must educate themselves with the basics of their Dharma and give a befitting reply to any nonsensical question that might come every now and then.

Go through the video presentation of “Janpeace Live” to grasp the reality and unfurl the flag of Hinduism atop. Log-in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys4qX2zN–k

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