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Hideous Left-liberal ecosystem

Despite the Modi-led government has been at the center for almost a decade and is being celebrated with lots of fanfare, it is getting helpless to operate at times and also check a number of events. And the sole credit of this humongous failure is with the Left-liberal ecosystem whose each endeavor emboldens the treasonists. How? The best answer to this is Manish Kashyap who is reeling under NSA for daring to bring forth several sensational stories related to assaults on migrant workers in Tamil Nadu. For the time being, he is not in captivity only but none knows what his future is also. On the other hand there is Muhammad Zubair, known for his venomous writings in the social media that can lead to violent strife amid India. Whatever it is, Left came up with the charming slogans of ‘Save Democracy’ and alleged human rights violations in favor of Zubair. No such stance has ever been found in the case of Shri Kashyap. And this is no new development. From the very beginning or wee hours of national independence, Lefts have been making best efforts to disintegrate India and now, they have taken the coveted leadership in the cyberspace. Left-liberal ecosystem’s monstrous presence can be felt everywhere.        

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