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Hindumisia’s Annual Report brings forth assorted vicious plots against Hindus

Hindumisia, as part of its mission to measure, monitor and expose anti-Hindu revulsion/hate on Twitter has come out with publication of its seminal, stupendous Annual Report termed as “The Global anti-Hindu Annual Report for 2022”. The report containing 15 pages deals with the period of March to December, 2022 and concentrates with inviolable attention both the source and modes of anti-Hindu hatred on Twitter. Without doubt, it has got to be accepted that this style of strenuous approach is rare in Hindu psyche and Hindumisia is creditworthy or tried and true to deliver this inconceivable approach.  Each and every page of the significant report does justify with immense confidence what are researches after all and how meticulous researches should be done.

Know more from the report of “Hindumisia” and don’t forget to collect the pdf once you log in: https://www.hindumisia.ai/reports/2022-Global-Anti-Hindu-Report-by-hindumisia-ai.pdf

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