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Is Ramadan fasting an utter misconception?

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is obligatory to faithful Muslims worldwide and no question can ever be raised as regards its authenticity. But, nowadays we’re living in a different social climate when people’s pulse is being controlled by the social media to a definite extent. So the question is obvious whether the same practice had been both initiated and enunciated by Muhammad himself. Extensive researches do reveal that the practice did evolve during the reign of Second Caliph Omar with the commencement of a new calendar observing the migration (hijrah) as the year zero. And the same was done first to compete and then trounce Jews to have suzerainty in the environs. Now, what’s of its health hazards? Medical practitioners as well as resrearchers do state that the month-long fasting and too without water for a whole day almost posits the greatest danger to a human body.

More such astounding information can be ascertained if one goes through this article of “Khalid Umar” and “Bharat Voice”,

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